Saturday, April 26, 2014

NKP 765 in Indiana, October 27, 2013

NKP 765 near Fort Wayne, IN

In late October, 2013 the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society ran a pair of excursions from Fort Wayne to Lafayette, Indiana and return pulled by 2-8-4 Nickel Plate 765. The trip was announced in August with tickets going on sale Labor Day weekend. It sold out within 36 hours but I was able to get tickets for myself and my friends Rick and Jane Moser, and Dave Ingles.

We met in Fort Wayne on October 25 and rode the round trip on Saturday, October 26. (We generally follow the rule that if there are two identical trips one should ride the first one because something might keep the second one from running.)

As we left Fort Wayne I kept an eye out the dome window for a possible photo location for Sunday. I soon noted one and used MotionX GPS to mark it on a map on my iPad. I only had time for this one shot because I had to be back in the Pittsburgh area that afternoon for a college presentation with my (then) high school junior daughter. The result is the shot above.

My friends headed back towards Chicago on Sunday and managed to get additional pictures of the train on the way. It was a fun, though short, weekend and a good chance to catch up with my friends.

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